handupWe live in a culture that constantly tells us that we don’t have enough.  There are so many people that never realize how blessed they are because they are constantly told that they don’t have enough.  While there is nothing wrong with desiring more, the question must be asked: when is enough enough?

As Christians, we must always be reminded that the Lord is our source.  So many of us live frustrated lives because we never stop to enjoy God in our now.  In Hebrews 13:5-6, we are reminded that we ought to be content regardless of our condition or situation.  That sounds great when you have so much you don’t know what do with your resources.  But it sounds ridiculous if things are coming up short about now. This passage reminds us that we are to never lose sight of the fact that God is our source.  He has not and will never let us down.

Our attitude ought to reflect how good God is to us.  Learn to appreciate Him in the now. Are you satisfied wih Jesus?  He is truly more than enough for me.


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