passfailWhile we all may have a whole lot to say about the school systems of today, one thing that often gets lost in our discussion is the role of students in the learning process. If you have children, you have probably heard them make excuses along the lines: “…the teacher doesn’t like me” or “…what was on the test is not what we studied.” There are times that there may be some validity to these excuses. But at the end of the day, they need to learn how to pass the test.

Are you living your life making a bunch of excuses for not passing life’s tests. Are you blaming everyone in sight but not looking at yourself? Are you ignoring the fact that even though the sermon wasn’t preached in Church, the material was still covered in the Bible?

In 2 Samuel 6, David set his heart to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. Yet, his first attempt not only failed but was fatal to two men who handled the Ark the wrong way. After spending time regrouping and learning from his mistake, David was ready to retake the test by verse 12 and he passed!

The good news is that God loves us so much that He often extends an opportunity to take the test again. If you failed the first round, pray and study so you will be prepared for the retake. – All Rights Reserved