About My Father’s Business   There are many transitions that a man will go through. Early in his life, he learns to hold his own head up; he learns to sit up without assistance; he learns to stand up; he learns to walk; he learns to read; he learns to take care of himself and take responsibility for his actions; he learns how to mentor his children and love his wife; he learns how to lead his family. Where are you at in this process spiritually? Are you learning to lead your family in Christ Jesus? Are you learning to walk as God desires? Or, are you still learning that you need not hang your head low because of who you are in Christ Jesus. What lesson are you on today?  As men of God, we are to be about our Father’s Business. Turn in your Bible to Luke 2: 40-52. Each year, Jesus earthly parents went to Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover. They no doubt had experienced the religious practices of the day. Not only this, but they raised their Son as God had so directed them. They were there for Jesus as He grew. God had sent instruction to both parents even before the Child was born. In Luke 1: 26-35, the angel Gabriel told Mary that she had found favor with God and the Child she would bring forth was the Son of God. In Matthew 1: 16-25, the angel of the Lord brought instructions to Joseph as well. So, they both were favored of God. The Bible even goes on to tell us that Joseph was a just man (Matt. 1:19). They were raising their Son based upon what God had told them about their Son.  What has God’s Word said to us about children? God says that they are a blessing (Psalm 127: 3-4). His Word also says that out of their mouths He has ordained strength (Psalm 8:2). His Word tells us that the fruit of our bodies will be blessed because we serve God and keep His commandments (Deu. 28:4). But yet, in spite of what the Word of God says concerning children, we find children lost. We spend so much time telling youth what they should not do instead of ministering to them what they should do. But in this text, we find that Joseph and Mary not only raised the child Jesus, they lived the life that they ministered to Him. Are you living what you are trying to minister?  As Jesus grew up, He was strengthened (Luke 2: 40). When He was twelve, He went with His parents to Jerusalem for the feast of Passover. During this period of time, twelve was the age a child was considered to become a man. So, Jesus had more room to operate on this trip than perhaps on previous ones. But yet, He still was in the care of His earthly parents. What is it about this time in a child’s life that we miss? In spite of all the attention that had been paid to Jesus up to this point, His earthly parents missed something. As they were leaving to return home, Jesus was not with them. Mary, the mother that undoubtedly loved her Son, thought that Jesus was with Joseph. Joseph, the father that undoubtedly loved his Son, thought that Jesus was with Mary. But, where was Jesus? His parents had neglected to communicate on what Jesus was doing. They both assumed that because he could have been with the other parent, He was. They even thought that he was with relatives in the traveling group, assuming that some one else was taking care of their obligation.  We often assume that the younger generation is one place or where we think they should be when they are no where to be found. Imagine the shock to Mary and Joseph when they realized that the Child, the Son of God, Emmanuel, whom God had entrusted to them was no where to be found. When they realized that He was not in their company, the Bible tells us that they turned back to Jerusalem to seek Him. This one phrase symbolizes what we as adults need to be doing. Instead of going on when we know that we have lost someone, we need to turn around and seek them. Before we write them off, we need to seek God for directions. Without Jesus, they went ahead for a day’s journey. But, when they realized they did not have Him with them, it took them three days to find Him. Are you willing to do what it takes to reclaim those lost or does the extra three days work seem too much for you?  After three days, they finally found the child Jesus. But, what is so interesting is where they found Him. They could have found Him in an alley starving or on the corner begging. However, they found Him in the temple sitting with the well educated. They found Him at His Heavenly Father’s Feet feasting and sharing in His Word. And you thought that child would never be found. You went ahead and wrote those children off. But, God has not done so. Mary and Joseph got pass their sorrow and weeping about their lost Son and did something about the situation. They sought Him. What are you doing?  When they found Him, the Bible tells us that all were astonished at His knowledge. His walk, His talk, and His wisdom surprised everyone there, including His earthly parents. But keep in mind, God’s Word already told them who He was just as God has already told you how precious and special children are. Mary’s response to Jesus was why have you done this to us; did you not know that we have been looking for you in sorrow. But Jesus asked her why were you looking for me; did not you know that I must be about My Father’s Business? Didn’t you know that I was not lost? Yet, even though His earthly parents did not understand, Jesus was obedient to them and He continued to grow in wisdom stature, and in favor.  We, as adults, have an obligation to our youth. More importantly, we have an obligation to God concerning them. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because the Word of God says in Proverbs 22:6 to train the child and he won’t depart from the Way when he is old, that we can let them go so easily. We should not be surprised when God has picked up a child we had written off as lost. They are to be about God’s Business just as you. But, the question is, are you about all of God’s Business or just parts and pieces?