Not Denying God, A Stand For Righteousness Scripture: Acts 8:48-60 It takes more than a perfect attendance record at church and being a good person to please God. There are times that we as believers must be willing to take a stand and declare that we will not bow to ungodliness wherever it rears it’s head or deny God’s presence and power. For many, being a child of God has meant “keeping peace” at whatever cost, including compromising the Word of God. There is a wrong and a right way to do anything. However, we must be willing to stand for righteousness at whatever the cost. Examine yourself today. Are you standing on the Word of God at all times or are you bowing? In this scripture, we find that Stephen took a stand for righteousness even though it cost him his physical life. If Stephen can do this, why is it that many of us have such a hard time doing so when it may only cost us an association with someone or a group of people? Read Philippians 1: 20-21.