It’s Not The Messenger It’s The Message

It’s Not The Messenger, It’s The Message Scripture: Numbers 22:21-35 Let’s be honest. Have you ever had a hard time receiving correction from certain people? At some point, most of us have. But don’t miss the message because of the messenger. In this passage of scripture, Balak was en-route to curse God’s people when his ass saw an angel preparing to kill him. When the ass turned to avoid the angel, Balak smote the ass. This happened three times until finally the ass spoke and informed him that he was only doing so to save Balak’s life. We could learn a lot from this ass. We also could learn a lot from others. Don’t be so quick to ignore the truth when it is the truth. It may be God’s way of protecting you from impending danger. Get over the messenger and deal with the message.

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